Saving the Environment by Saving Energy


We are hearing a lot about energy supply problems recently. Not only we seem to be running out of oil as a result of increased pressure on non-renewable sources of energy but the increased energy consumption is also seriously harming the environment. The main problem is the fact that the vast majority of global energy including electricity is generated by fossil fuel burning which, as you probably know, raises the carbon dioxide levels in atmosphere which in turn increases the greenhouse effect and global warming. So if you think that you do not pollute the environment when turning your electric heater or cooler on, think again. In fact, you contribute just as much to global warming as those who heat their homes with oil burners for instance, because the more the electricity used the more the fossil fuel burned.

The government no matter how environmentally conscious it is cannot save the environmental issues alone. On the contrary, if we want to save the environment, reverse the global warming and leave an inhabitable planet to the next generations, everyone has to contribute to a cleaner environment. You may feel helpless against the global warming as an individual but just think how much we could achieve if each person on the planet would follow the guidelines for reducing their carbon footprint. Help save the environment by saving energy today because our planet is clearly showing the effects of reckless energy consumption over the last century and remember that each person counts in the fight for a cleaner environment.

Saving Energy

There are several ways to reduce your carbon footprint and the best way to start is to begin saving energy where you have direct control over its consumption – your home. When buying wooden furniture, make sure it is reclaimed teak garden furniture to avoid felling of new trees and take a closer look at your heating and cooling system because households use most energy for heating and cooling. Choose companies who follow green guidelines and use profits to replant trees. Follow Installing environmentally-friendly heating and cooling systems such as a wood burning stove is unfortunately, very expensive but any measures that reduce energy consumption are helpful including reducing or elevating your thermostat for a degree or two. Then move to your home appliance which use a lot of energy too in order to perform their tasks. You do not need to replace all appliances that are not energy efficient but when you do buy new appliances, pay attention to their energy efficiency. Meanwhile, make sure that you run your laundry machine for instance, fully loaded and do not hold your refrigerator open to see what is in there to eat for several minutes. Think what you want to eat before you open it in the first place. These are very small steps that will not save the planet but you need to start somewhere and anything that helps reduce energy consumption counts.

Although greener living is often associated with higher expenses due to the high costs of environmentally friendly solutions, greener living does not have to cost you a thing. In fact, by following the tips on energy saving you will not only help save the planet but save your money too.